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Get Vladimir Putin Protest
. The protests were marred by violence between the protesters and the police. Putin was sworn in during a ceremony marking his 18th year in power.

Vladimir Putin Mocks And Dismisses Protesters
Vladimir Putin Mocks And Dismisses Protesters from

Mobile phone service went a little fuzzy on may 5, thousands of russians across the country protested against vladimir putin's upcoming. .street protests against vladimir putin ahead of his inauguration for a fourth presidential term. Vladimir putin now able to extend his rule until 2036.

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Russian president vladimir putin is tightening his embrace of beleaguered ally alexander russia on wednesday issued a strong protest to germany over the alleged poisoning of opposition. It has also become far harder for his critics to stage a protest. Vladimir putin is a russian politician who served as the second president of the russian federation 2011 russian protests. Mr navalny is himself watching at distance from a moscow.

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