18+ Mean Taylor Swift Chords Pics

18+ Mean Taylor Swift Chords
. (chords are muted up until the 'yeahh!') d a em g someday i'll be livin in a big ol' city d a g and all you're ever gonna be is mean.yeahh d a em g someday i'll be big enough so you can't hit me d a. 158 349 просмотров 158 тыс.

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Главная » зарубежные » taylor swift. (this is the tab from cody carson's version) alright guys, my first tab here, but i know. Switch orientation lyrics don't fit on one line?

This song is great if you are already pretty good at the basic chords but want to start getting into barre chords but it's also totally approachable for beginners.

chorus c g someday i'll be am f livin' in a big ole' city c g f and all your ever gonna be is mean. Show chords youtube clip hide all tabs go to top. The ad shows a taylor swift book without the songs from speak now, so this is an updated version of. Mean by taylor swift with guitar chords and tabs.

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