View Vladimir Putin Divorce Background

View Vladimir Putin Divorce
. They had decided it was time for them to divorce. The couple, who had been married for 30 years, made their divorce public on russian state television after attending a ballet performance.

Russia S Putin Wife Announce Divorce
Russia S Putin Wife Announce Divorce from

The first couple was leaving putin's response, confirmed by his wife: Moscow — russian president vladimir putin was seen with his wife, lyudmila, thursday night for the first time in a year, at a production of the ballet la esmeralda, and took advantage of the occasion to tell his nation that they are getting divorced. Born 6 january 1958) is the former wife of vladimir putin.

In a televised announcement last year that they were breaking up, putin said it was a joint decision and the couple practically never saw each other.

On thursday evening, a television reporter approached vladimir putin and his wife, lyudmila, in the grand kremlin palace. She's being forced to say nice things? On thursday evening, the russian public got the news of president vladimir putin's divorce the same way they have gotten every fact about his the scripted statement, which putin made alongside his former wife lyudmila, was broadcast on the kremlin's mouthpiece television channel, rossiya 24. Putin spokesperson dmitry peskov confirmed the news to russian news agency itar tass on tuesday, months after the couple said they would divorce in a surprise television.

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